2018 Workshop

Tracy Frein

Union Township Building

4350 Aicholtz Road
Cincinnati, OH 45245

Saturday, October 13th
Sunday, October 14th

10 AM until 4 PM

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This years workshop will be held on October 13th & 14th at the Union Township Building. We will experiment accomplishing portraiture in tones of black and white on drafting film. Each value is stripped away from the surface with an eraser to expose the hidden layers as he retains a textured surface. His process could called “Drawing by Subtraction”.

Tracy’s Colored Pencil portraits begin with weeks of generating concepts that show textures, patterns and mood. The selected concepts are followed by a photo shoot with his subjects. During the initial photo shoot, Chicago–based artist, typically befriends his sitters with easygoing conversation to gain his sitter’s confidence and pose less self-consciously, revealing their individual sensibilities. After the shoot, Tracy draws from a selection of approx. 200 photographs in a lengthy process that he calls Drawing by Subtraction. Working with a limited pallet allows him to concentrate on the forms, values and shadows. Color or lack of it alone, possesses emotion without the need to tell a story. Drawing in a limited pallet helps me put things into a new perspective or literally puts specific aspects of life into focus. Color can be very life-like but also very distracting. I also do this for dramatic purposes, to capture a mood in a moment. I want the viewer to take a step closer to each drawing to realize that not only do the subjects composition create a mood, but so do the textures in the background. It also allows me to concentrate on the forms, values and shadows instead of just concentrating on accuracy of facial colors.

About Tracy Frein, CPSA, CPX

Born in Des Moines, Iowa in 1958, Tracy’s interest in art began early. He was actively involved in the arts throughout High School. In 1976 he enrolled at Drake University and studied Graphic communications. Upon receiving his BFA from The University of Kansas in 1982 he began his career in Chicago as a Production Artist working for a design agency specializing in package design for major CPG groups until he retired in 2018. Tracy spends his time teaching Colored Pencil classes at the Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago, and conducting workshops to art groups across the country. He has been a member of The Colored Pencil Society of America since 2002 and has served as President, Exhibition Director and Treasurer for the Chicago area chapter.